All around the world, the Ottobock name stands for high-quality, technologically outstanding products and services. The goal of helping people by restoring their mobility and preserving remaining functions stands behind each and every Ottobock product.


Professional orthopedic and medical devices for your health: healthy sitting, sleeping and moving. It has always been our goal to maintain excellent relations to therapists, health product specialists and consumers.


Since 1993 novacare gmbh has developed and distributed anti-decubitus products. In catalog you will find assistive devices developed in close cooperation with care-giving professionals, home health care vendors and experts from the respective product area.


Patterson medical is a leading provider of rehabilitation, assistive and splinting products all over the world. Patterson medical catalog and national sales force rank among the industry’s largest, bringing occupational therapists and physical therapists in hospitals, long term care facilities .


Drive Medical is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of durable medical products in the world today, with manufacturing and distribution centers in the UK, Ireland, United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, Romania, Taiwan and China.


A firm with strong potentiais Dupont has been in the field of diagnostic material, of home care or of hospitals facilities, there are about 1000 “references” which come up to the DUPONT MEDICAL customer’s requirements .


Townsend braces are designed for patients who have had an injury, surgery or medical condition that creates functional or mobility challenges.


AC international is the company promoting and selling Cosmogamma products. Today as in the past, are being used by thousands of professionals in the rehabilitation wards of major hospitals and in the most prestigious private physiotherapy centers.


HUBER® 360 features the new Multiaxis Motorized Platform™. It comes equipped with force sensors built into the platform and handles.


Prism Medical is a vertically integrated manufacturer and leading provider of equipment and services used to move and handle mobility challenged individuals in a safe and dignified manner.


EVERYWAY MEDICALS offers wide range o products for physiotherapy rehabilitation.


Tendercare was established in 1984 and has continually  focused a great deal of resource into developing a wide range of postural  support systems, built into stylish lightweight pushchair or wheelchair frames.


Greecare are using the modularity in their wheelchairs design to work with enlightened wheelchair providers


Company, manufacturing high-quality medical and rehabilitation equipment as well as equipment for Wellness centers. Modern medicine combines specialized knowledge with state-of-the art technology.


The Hausmann corporate mission has always included making the finest quality products and delivering the best possible service to our customers. The pursuit of this goal includes maintaining a plant with the best available technology.


Prim is a vertically-integrated specialised company which supplies innovative and proven technology to the healthcare sector. It has a strong teamwork culture, as well as an agile, team, and technical expertise.


The beginnings of the company date back to the year 1879, when Heinrich Schein senior produced orthopaedic treatments alongside his profession as a shoemaker. In 1926 production itself started, as did trade with medical foot supports, which he had patented for himself.


THE HOME OF SENSORY EQUIPMENT – Sensory Equipment is a vital tool in helping to treat a variety of sensory disorders in both adults and children.


At Dr. Comfort, you’ll discover uniquely stylish orthopedic shoes that look as great as they feel! Our shoes, slippers, socks and inserts are designed to keep your feet healthy and happy – today and tomorrow.


Kare Orthopaedics is a long established manufacturer and supplier of Orthopaedic support equipment.


ROMPA offers the sensory tools for choice, empowerment, enjoyment, inclusion, meaningful occupation and comfort for everyone.


REH4MAT is the leading manufacturer of orthopaedic devices and medical accessories. Every day, we produce hundreds of braces and accessories that are destinated to our distributors and patients both in Poland and in foreign countries


The HEMA Orthopädische Systeme GmbH is a well-known, modern, medium-sized enterprise, which concentrates on the manufacture of orthopaedic insoles as well as the distribution of orthopaedic systems.


HYDRO PHYSIO is a range of leading aquatic therapy treadmills designed and developed by a company with over 40 years of manufacturing experience.


Chattanooga is the world’s largest manufacturer of rehabilitation equipment for treating musculoskeletal, neurological and soft tissue disorders.