With its sporty, elegant design, the Blizzard won the “red dot design award” for high design quality. In addition, the Blizzard offers all the benefits of a wheelchair for active use: optimal handling, a compact folding size for easy loading, and a precisely adjustable centre of gravity. With its broad range of options, the Blizzard is mainly intended for active people who demand an attractive and dynamic wheelchair. For example, the Blizzard can be equipped with a wheelbase extension for integration with a hand bike.


Robust and indestructible – with the Voyager, the name is the game. During active everyday life and when travelling, this agile all-rounder excels with precise handling and extremely good stability. The compact design with an open frame and folding backrest makes it possible for the user to load the wheelchair into a car by him or herself. Moreover, the Voyager is easy to manoeuvre in restricted spaces.

Avantgarde T

The Avantgarde T is the wheelchair for all occasions. It is individually configured from an extensive assembly kit and represents the basis of the entire Avantgarde family. Functionality has number-one priority in the standard model. The Avantgarde T is especially stable, thanks to its firm aluminium frame with a double crossbrace. Moreover, the Avantgarde T features outstanding manoeuvrability and a vast range of options such as the optional Ergo back.

• High-strength aluminium frame with double crossbrace
• Single-panel footrest or individual footrests with “easy click” locking function
• Height-adjustable and adaptable back as standard equipment
• Aluminium side panels
• Precise setting of the rear wheel position by means of optimized adapter
• Front frame offset can be selected
• A vast range of options such as Ergo back with physiologically adjustable pivot point and angle adjustment from -9° to +9°

Avantgarde Ti

The Avantgarde Ti 8.9 attracts attention and is therefore the right model for demanding individualists. It is available as a polished special fabrication or with motifs from the airbrush design line – the creative possibilities are virtually endless with this wheelchair for active use. The Avantgarde Ti 8.9 is especially lightweight and deliberately dispenses with heavy options. Its high-quality ultralight wheels reduce additional weight and increase comfort. Furthermore, the rear wheel position and the centre of gravity of the Ti 8.9 can be adjusted to meet the user’s needs. It also features an anatomically adjustable back as well as an angle- and height-adjustable footrest.

• Infinity ultra-lightweight rear wheels
• Precise setting of the rear wheel position by means of optimized adapter
• Anatomically adaptable back with strap system
• Breathable back cover
• Aluminium side panels
• Height- and angle-adjustable footrest of aluminium/ titanium components
• Front frame offset can be selected
• Aluminium screws
• Shock absorber system

Avantgarde VR

The Avantgarde VR is a master of metamorphosis among wheelchairs for active use. Like the Avantgarde T, it offers the full range of options. The Avantgarde VR combines harmonious function and design and is ideally suited for patients with many different indications, such as multiple sclerosis or rheumatic diseases. Transfer of the wheelchair user is safe and easy thanks to footrests that can be swung inward and outward.

• High-strength aluminium frame with double crossbrace
• Individual footrests with “easy click” locking function, continuously height- and angle-adjustable
• Anatomically adaptable back with specially developed strap system, different height settings are possible
• Stable aluminium side panels as standard equipment
• A vast range of additional options such as Ergo back with physiologically adjustable pivot point and angle adjustment

Avantgarde XXL 2

• Seat upholstery with reinforced insert
• Light metal frame with vertical front frame part
• Aluminium side panels with neoprene inserts
• Single-panel footrest, angle-adjustable, swing-away and removable
• 24″ or 26″ rear wheels with quick-release axle, larger hub, hollow rim, and aluminium push ring
• 0° rear wheel adapter
• Low own weight
• Optional back stabilizer