Air Mattress

Alternating Pressure System
Our AS3+ alternating pressure system are used for the treatment of decubitus up to stage 2
Bi elastic PU / Polyester and all around zipper
External CPR Emergency

Anti Decubitus Heel Cushion

Heel Cushion is proven to be a high-quality alternative to regular heel protectors

ViscoElatex Mattress

Visco elastic foam , also called memo foam , changes its hardness depending on the temperatures applied. The warmer the surrounding temperature , the softer the material gets , permitting the patient to actually sink into the mattress. This mattress is especially suited for extremely pressure 害itive (pain) patients.°


The innovative foam guarantees optimal pressure relief. The specially shaped mattress surface is perfectly adapted to patient morphology. The vertical and horizontal aeration channels guarantee optimal ventilation of the mattress core resulting in a comfortable and dry sleeping environment.
Excellent prevention of pressure ulcers Clinically tested
Exceptional Comfort
Optimal pressure relief
Less perspiration due to a dry and clean sleeping environment
Enhanced patient safety due to reinforced lateral borders
No loss of body sensation
Good support for improved patient posture


Wireless, intelligent bed exit warning system
KOGNIMAT alerts care personnel, as soon as the patient leaves the bed.
The mattress transmits the signal wirelessly to your existing nurse call system or to a simple wall plug receiver
360° protection
Non evasive security system
Short response time
Alerts before actual bed exit
Easy set-up No tripping hazard


The AIRSOFT pressure ulcer prevention mattress is made of 3 layers allowing effective prevention of pressure ulcers. The high density of the super soft mattress surface developed from high quality open pore foam is exclusive to OBA. The AIRSOFT mattress is a product recognised worldwide for its efficiency as well as its high quality and durability.
The advantages at a glance:
Super soft, high density sleeping area
Durable and highly resistant
Scientifically proven pressure ulcer prevention
Available in 1 piece or 3 pieces.


The system with pressure alternation for effective prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers, grade 1 – 4. The system can be operated in both alternative or static mode.
The advantages at a glance:
Optimal pressure relief and comfortable sleeping conditions
Excellent value for money
2 year guarantee and speedy delivery
Excellent hygiene due to its washable protective cover
Easy to handle and multiple uses

OBA Sleep System

People with neurological problems such as Head Injury, Stroke,
cerebral palsy, Spina Bifida Multiple Sclerosis and Muscular Dystrophy
often have spasticity and contractures which lead to difficulties in bed positioning and comfortable seating.
POLYMOOVE cushion filling does not form and is suitable for
all types of patients as well as all sitting or lying down positions.
The density of the POLYMOOVE granules ensures the filling remains consistent and stable.