The Air-Layer static pressure reducing mattress is a combination of the traditional benefits of a visco-elastic mattress with the latest technology to improve comfort and pressure reduction. The temperatture sensitive visc-slastic foam moulds to the shape of the body providing a greater surface area thus providing greater pressure re-distribution. Its unique top layer reduces heat transfer rates by over 50% and vapour transfer rates by over 25%, thus improving the micro-climate between the patient and the support surface. This greatly contributes to the overall pressure reducing properties of the mattress.


Walker with or without wheels
Aluminum Foldable
With 2 front wheels


Maximum load: 250 kg
Lift cylinder capacity: 10,000 N
Total weight: 55 kg
(the base of which weighs: 24 kg
mast + boom + cross-bar: 31 kg
Hermes bath netted strap
XL size – Ref. SR 2350800
XXL size – Ref. SR 2350900
Hermes bath netted strap
XL size – Ref. SR 2350800
XXL size – Ref. SR 2350900
Hermes toilet strap
One size – Ref. SR 235100

Patients Lifter

• User weight = 150Kg
• With standard sling
• Equipt with emergency stop
• Foldable
• Used to transfer patients from Bed to Wheelchair ,to the pool,
• Helps to stand up with standing sling

Elbow Crutches

• Aluminum / Steel Height adjustable
• With anti slip rubber tip
• Available in different sizes

Axillary Crutches

• Aluminum Height adjustable
• With anti slip rubber tip
• Available in different sizes

Commode /Shower Chair

• Removable commode shaped Seat / Cushion
• Swing Away /Removable Arm Rest
• Detachable Height Adjustable Legrest
• Mobile with wheels and brakes

Home Care Chairs

At least 2 shell sizes, and 32 various seat sizes are available, and depth and width adjustment are possible at any time. Special researches were performed for an optimised comfort of the trims (shapes, density, etc.); the armrests enable very good positioning of the arms and the backrest shape, enabling the relaxed position of the shoulders, prevents the patient from bending.
Floor/seat height easily adjustable for easier transfer and passing under tables (the minimum distance between the floor and the top part of the armrests can be 64 cm).
10 cm Fixed angle legrest, automatic adjustable angle legrest (follows the shell angle) or manually adjustable angle legrest (manual angle adjustment with a cylinder): you will always have the right solution for your patient


• A new generation of beds for homecare
or geriatric use
• A complete range , designed for your serenity and for a long time
• Numerous accessories for all your needs
• You can transform very easily a 2 functions ELITIS to a
3 functions ELITIS, all by yourself

Kingston Beds

The Kingston is a three section profiling bed with a high quality beech effect finish, specifically designed to suit the needs of the community environment. With an easy to use patient handset offering a range of electrically adjustable features, including the auto contour function, it ensures all needs with regard to comfort and functionality are met. The simplistic and lightweight design means
each individual section of the Kingston bed weighs less than 22 kgs, enabling it to be easily assembled, dismantled and transported by a single person, thus reducing the risk of moving and handling related injuries.