DUO Kirton

DUO Kirton


• Pressure Relieving Seat Options (integral)
• Intelli-Gel® Integral seat module
• Transflo Gel seat module
• Reflexion™ Foam seat module Accessories
• Lateral supports
• Leg-Laterals
• Pommel
• Leg rest bracket to achieve a 25 o negative angle
• Flat seat board
• Foot Sandals
• Ankle Huggers
• Lap-Belts and Pelvic Positioners
•Universal Mobile Tray Weight Limit
• 160kg / 25 stone

The Duo is our most versatile seating system designed for those who are unable to maintain their posture and need high levels of pressure relief. Dynamic features provide the ultimate in positioning and postural management for individuals who are at risk of developing an unconventional body shape, unable to maintain a midline position and require additional support. The adjustability and key features of the Duo range ensure the core principles of seating are met for each individual.

Weight Limit • 160kg / 25 stone


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