• WaterCell Technology for maximum pressure management in the seat and backrest.
• Tilt-in-Space.
• Independent tilting leg and footrests.
• Removable covers for easy clean and replacement.
• 2 Braked castors.
• Removable side arms.
• Adults and children sizing.

Carers and clients can rely on the HydroTilt, it is an accommodating all-round chair for posture, pressure and comfort. With an adaptable fit and Tilt-in-Space functionality, the HydroTilt is a good choice where posture and pressure management are of equal priority. It is suitable for a wide range of seating needs in all care environments. It provides high levels of comfort and robust construction making it suitable for long-term care.

Mini: Internal Seat Width 280/330/380/430mm • Small: Internal Seat Width 280/330/380/430mm • Medium: Internal Seat Width 350/400/450/500mm • Large: Internal Seat Width 550/600mm • Maximum User Weight: Small/Mini 75kg Medium/Large 160kg


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