ID Soft Evolution

ID Soft Evolution


Long wings headrest
Standard shelf
Viscoelastic foam seat cushion
Trunk support and abduction wedge
Swiveling cradled armrest
Anti tip castors

Accurate conception of comfort and positioning for
various pathologies. Thanks to the frame design, the wheelchair is steady, whatever the backrest and seat angles are (through gas cylinder).

Continuous adjustment: On T 39 frame u from 39 to 44 cm On T 44 frame u from 44 to 49 cm On T 49 frame u from 49 to 54 cm. Long and curved armrest, heightadjustable on 70 mm. Whole detachable armrest through a push-button. Continuous depth-adjustable seat, through sliding, on 90 mm (42 to 51 cm). Seat reclining from –2° (Trendelenburg) to +20° with large rear wheels, and from –2° to +25° with small rear wheels. Height adjustable backrest (on 10 cm). Reclining backrest from 90° (vertically) to 120°.


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