MyWay Walker

MyWay Walker


  • Range of postural support needs
  • Optional hoisting straps
  • Optional ankle guides
  • Headrest accessory
  • Gross and fine height, prone angle and shoulder height can all be adjusted
  • Castors are multi-functional and offer brake, direction lock
  • Adult Connection Belt

MyWay leads the way when it comes to maximizing opportunities for independent movement and giving children the freedom to explore their world. The genius behind this is MyWay’s revolutionary supportive harness and minimalist open-front, hands-free design.
MyWay’s unique corset-like harness delivers the core stability required to develop head and limb control, enabling children to achieve an optimum stepping pattern and active movement. The hug-like effect of the harness increases sensory feedback dampens involuntary movement and increases a user’s confidence and chance of succeeding.
The MyWay frame is an open-front, hands-free design which makes touching, feeling, participating and discovering easier, giving children greater opportunities for development and learning. Furthermore, the open-design allows therapists to get close to the child and work with their lower limbs whilst they are in MyWay, facilitating guided movement and maximizing the potential for therapeutic benefits.

Age (approx.) 1-5 4-11 9-16 User Shoulder Height (to floor) (mm) 635-920 870-1190 1070-1490 User Saddle Height (inside leg) (mm) 220-440 400-610 550-810 Max. User Weight (kg) 25 50 80 Frame Weight (kg) 12 6.5 9.5 Upper Support Unit Weight (kg) Size 1 frame and upper support unit do not separate 10.5 11 Frame Width 570 670 720 Frame Length 720 850 1100


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