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C-1000 SF

  • Stand-up function : Movements from almost any sitting or semi-recumbent position into the important extension of the entire body are enabled comfortably and quickly.
  • Travelling while standing : The benefits of standing are diverse; in combination with mobility, new prospects are opened up. Uneven terrain can also be travelled on safely without large supporting rollers.
  • The adaptable, biomechanical backrest reduces shear movements while the pads and belts remain where they are supposed to be.
  • For a smooth transfer: electrically angle and length-adjustable legrests are a valuable addition and part of the combi-function.
  • Power seat tilt up to 15° with centre of gravity shifting enables a comfortable, physiologically correct sitting position.
  • With its weight-dependent full suspension, the C1000 SF offers a comfortable driving experience for everyday outdoor trips.
  • The innovative dual servo (DS) steering reacts directly and turns the chair in the smallest space.
  • Correct positioning when sitting and standing is very important for selecting the input method.
  • Our flexible, multi-piece pad systems offer support where needed.