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Push Chair – Lightning

Available in sizes 11 inch, 14 inch & 16 inch.
The Lightning is a lightweight, supportive, highly functional, adaptable pushchair, which comes complete with a wide range of accessories The back angle is adjustable with fixed positions at 85, 90 and 95 to enable appropriate positioning as desired. The independently fully adjustable, swing away, footrests provide multiple positions to ensure maximum comfort for the occupant.

Specifications LT11SE LT14SE LT16SE
Width 495mm(19.5″) 610mm(24″) 635mm(25″)
Length w/o Footrests 673mm(26.5″) 749mm(29.5″) 863mm(34″)
Height 914mm(36″) 914mm(36″) 914mm(36″)
Seat Width 279mm(11″) 356mm(14″) 419mm(16.5″)
Distance between Armrests 343mm(13 1/2″) 413mm(16.25″) 445mm(17.5″)
Seat Depth 254-305mm(10-12″) 305-356mm(12-14″) 407-458mm(16-18″)
Seat Angle 30º 30º 30º
Back Upholstery Height 489mm(19.25″) 610mm(24″) 635mm(25″)
Back Height & Headrest Ext. 640-760mm 770-870mm 800-940mm
Seat to Footrest (ext
range in 1″ increments)
25-305mm(2.5-12″) 25-432mm(2.5-17″) 25-432mm(2.5-17″)
Back Angle Settings 85,90 & 95º 85,90 & 95º 85,90 & 95º
Folded Dimensions W = 489mm(19.25″)
D = 489mm(19.25″)
H = 648mm(25.5″)
W = 610mm(24″)
D = 489mm(19.25″)
H = 699mm(27.5″)
W = 635mm(25″)
D = 489mm(19.25″)
H = 7118mm(28″)
Weight of Chair 10Kg(22Lbs) 11Kg(25Lbs) 12Kg(26Lbs)
Weight Capacity 34Kg(75Lbs) 45Kg(100Lbs) 68Kg(150Lbs)
Frame Colour Silver Silver Silver
Upholstery Colour Navy Blue Navy Blue Blue