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Functional Electric Simulation

What is RehaMove

RehaMove is an FES Cycling system that allows individuals with weakness or paralysis of the legs to actively cycle a stationary bike, by stimulating the muscle with a small electrical current.

Active cycling means the individual will use their own muscle power to create force. By activating the muscle, the patient will receive immediate benefits through improved muscle tone, increased strength, reduced spasm and better circulation, alongside the many long term benefits of light cardiovascular exercise.


The RehaMove system combines the expertise of our FES stimulator “RehaStim2” and the respected RECK system, MOTOmed. The RehaMove is also available with an Upper Limb hand crank and software modules for upper body exercise.

What does RehaMove do?

RehaMove combines sophisticated FES technology with a reliable bike system to enable active exercise for people with weak or paralysed limbs.

The RehaMove has 8 channels to stimulate up to 8 muscles with attached electrodes. Electrodes (flexible, sticky pads) are placed over the muscles you want to activate and connected to the stimulator. The stimulator then sends a safe and controlled amount of electrical stimulation to the muscle, enabling it to contract.

Once you begin a training program, the system detects the position of the foot pedal (or hand crank) and stimulates the correct muscles in the correct sequence to produce a fluid cycling (or cranking) movement. Where the patient cannot yet power the bike actively for the whole rotation or training session, the bike will sense the assistance required within seconds and assist with motor power.

Like all physical training the muscles will adapt and require more challenge. Once the patient’s muscles can actively cycle for the desired training time you can increase the difficulty by raising the gear of the bike, therefore providing resistance to cycle against.