APM 420 Plus - Air Mattress

APM 420 Plus - Air Mattress


  • Bi-elastic, breathable PU/PES cover
  • Non-bending connecting tubes
  • Connection coupling with transportation safety lock
  • External CPR valve
  • Sensor operated pressure management
  • Automatic key lock
  • Alternating pressure
  • static and care mode
  • 3 time cycles with 5/10/15 minute selection
  • holds up to 200 kg patient weight

OUR APM 420 PLUS ALTERNATING PRESSURE SYSTEM IS USED FOR THE TREATMENT OF PRESSURE ULCERS UP TO GRADE IV (ACCORDING TO EPUAP). This system has been designed especially for geriatric care application. The combination with a mattress base of 2 cm results in an overall mattress height of only 17.5 cm. Consequently, this system is in compliance with statutory minimum distances between bed side rails and mattress surface.

Measurements: 39 x 21 x 12 cm Weight: 4.1 kg 1 membrane compressor, digital control with pressure sensor, alternating pressure, static mode, care mode, 3 time cycles (5/10/15 min.), automatic automatic key lock function (3 min.), low pressure alarm, power loss alarm, set-up memory function MATTRESS: Measurements: 200 x 88 x 17.5 cm (inflated incl. 2 cm mattress base) Weight: 9.0 kg 18 cells, 3 head cells static, non-bending connecting tubes (incl. transportation safety lock), self-closing connection valves to freely position the patient easily, CPR emergency ventilation


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