• Enables to generate an high voltage signal but intermittently (Duty Cycle), allowing to accurately control the output power.
  • Maximizing the interaction with human tissue.
  • Enable to transfer high levels of energy without causing significant temperature increases
  • Allowing to obtain excellent results even in the presence of acute inflammatory components.

The effect of re-polarization of the cells in damaged tissue, the increasing of arterial flow and venous -the lymphatic drainage, the action on the extra cellular matrix, the provision of oxygen and nutrients that supplies of energy (ATP) to the hypoxic / ischemic tissue: all creates the condition for tissue repair effects, as well as significant effects in pain management and for anti-inflammatory treatments (cytokines, heat shock proteins, etc…)

CT200 Power input 600 W Capacitive Power Output 200 W RMS step 1% Resistive Power Output 250 W RMS step 1% Frequency Output 460 KHz / 690 KHz Super Low Frequency One Level Display Touch-Screen 7” res. 800x480 color Therapy Protocols Only viewable PC Controller N.A. Device Weight 8.5 kg Device Dimension H=130, W= 430, D=400 (mm) Standard accessories Trolley, complete static electrode kit


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