Chrome Plated Steel Wheelchair

Chrome Plated Steel Wheelchair


  • Brand: AniRehab
  • Seat Width:16”, 18” 20” 22” 24”
  • Frame: Carbon Steel, Chrome-Plated, Single Axle Position
  • Armrest: Steel, Permanent Full-length Armrest Armrest Adjustable Height
  • Removable Desk-Length Armrest Adjustable Height Removable
  • Full-Length Armrest

Easy to handle braking system allows for easy use for a variety of patients. Our wheelchairs come with aluminum (not plastic as our competitors usually provide) footrests that can be adjusted as per the patient’s preferences.
Our Standard wheelchair features a chrome plated all steel body which provides both strength and support. The chrome plating provides both rust resistance, additional strength and provides an additional layer of protection onto steel.


Comes with solid rubber wheels for ease of mobility over a variety of surfaces. Finally, this wheelchair boasts a weight limit of 120 kgs while weighing less than 20 kgs itself.


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