Cloud - Gel Cushion

Cloud - Gel Cushion


• Modular construction of up to 30 Foam cells, dependent on size
• A combination of Foam cells with low, medium and high fill enables individual configuration for individual postural needs
• Additional/replacement Foam cells available individually
• Available in sizes 300 x 300 mm (9 Floam cells) to 580 x 400 mm (30 Foam cells)
• Foam base with waterproof cover included for additional protection
• Water-resistant multi stretch Dartex outer cover
• 250 kg user weight limit





• Adjustable postural management and pressure redistribution
• Excellent pressure redistribution over bony prominences, including trochanters for those at high risk of pressure ulcers
• Individual Foam cells ensure a high level of stability, e.g. for transfers
• Easy adjustment for postural deformity, e.g. pelvic obliquity

• Max. user weight: 250 kg • Cushion weight: 3.2 kg (400 x 400 mm) • Seat cushion thickness: 110 mm • Cover: Dartex Functional height: • Ischial area: adjustable • Trochanter area: adjustable • Thigh trough: adjustable • Side wall: 110 mm


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