Greencare General Purpose Chair

Greencare General Purpose Chair


  • Lap Strap With airline type buckle.
  • Adjusts for height, width, length on non folding backs.
  • Extended handles
  • To aid fitting hub brake levers or other controls.
  • Extended seat
  • Brings occupant forward, requires outrigged footrests.
  • Personalize With colored tires, signwriting or green side panels.
  • In clear , black plastic.
  • Greenrim ergonomic design for easy push
  • Warm to touch and scuff free – 24” only.
  • Brake lever extension
  • Fold down lever to aid side transfer.
  • One arm drive.

Using the excellent components from the Greencare bespoke wheelchair range this general purpose folding wheelchair combines strength and comfort with light weight. It comes in three standard seat widths as either an attendant propelled or for the more able, self-propelling wheels. The Greencare general purpose chair offers additional configurability using the range of Greencare accessories.

Seat sizes 15” wide and 15” deep, 17” wide and 17” deep and 18” wide and 17” deep all on single or double braced frames. Suitable for occupants to 125KG. For 24” wheels please state drive side. Super heavy duty wheel 24” and 26” wheels tested to 320KG available with hub brakes. Hub brakes Available on all wheels sizes. Needs extended handles option. • Seat to ground a standard height of 17½”. • Rear wheel of 24”(610mm) for self propelling or 16”(405mm) for carer assisted chair (Pic1). • Armrest height of 10” (250mm) complete with arm pad. • Backrest height of 19” (480mm). Large front castors make pushing a little easier. • All tires made by Green tire are long life, non marking and puncture-proof. • Scratch-resistant easy clean anodized non-painted frame. • Greencare wheelchairs are crash tested to ISO 7176-19.


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