• Articulating back.
• Flat back rest with CareFlex WaterCell Technology®.
• Elevating, channel leg rest.
• Angle adjustable, fold down footplate.
• Adjustable wings.
• Four fully braked castors.
• Vapour permeable upholstery to all contact areas.
• Adjustable seat depth.
• Back angle recline.
• Tilt-in-Space.
• Wide selection of fabrics and designs.

The HydroFlex is made for rehabilitation, it offers high levels of adaptability for those with more complex posture and pressure management needs. This highly flexible chair combines an articulating back, Back Angle Recline (BAR), Tiltin-Space (TiS) and integral pressure management. Ideal for use in all care environments. Since its launch the HydroFlex has proven to be a useful, practical seating solution, sharing the same principles of simplicity, comfort and quality with all CareFlex chairs. The HydroFlex was developed to be used as a rehabilitation product and has been used successfully in Stroke Rehab, with patients with spinal and head injuries and for clients with complex neurological and posture management needs.

Seat Width Small: 28, 33, 38, 43cm Medium: 35, 40, 45, 50cm . Seat Depth Small : 35-50cm Medium: 38-53cm . Range of Back Articulation 90° to 55 . Seat Height Small: 38, 41, 44, 47cm Medium: 50, 53, 56cm. Base Length Small: 78cm Medium: 87cm. Seat to Footplate Height Small: 34-40cm Medium: 41-49cm . Range of BAR 95° at hips to 125 . Recline Clearance Small: 58cm Medium: 59cm. Full Length Small: 163cm Medium:179cm. Push Bar Height Small: 115cm (average) Medium: 120cm (average).


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