Intelect Neo

Intelect Neo


  • Smart, ergonomic design and active intelligence help make Intelect Neo the high performer’s choice.
  • Screen Maneuverability
  • Graphic User Interface
  • Integrated Applicator Cradles
  • Lead Wire Management
  • Customized Patient Reporting
  • Customized Menus, User-Specific Memory

Intelect Neo is the new standard in physical medicine modalities. Its intelligent design (the result of over 100,000 hours of intensive R&D) is clever in its features, usability and clinical technology. Delivering an exceptional patient and therapist experience. Every element of the Intelect Neo has been expertly crafted, allowing the clinician to provide unparalleled utilization of the powerful and thoughtful design, empowering them to provide patients with an unsurpassed level of rehabilitation.

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