Juvo Power Wheelchair

Juvo Power Wheelchair


• 6 km/h, 4-pole motors
• Drive wheel suspension
• Standard seat with seat cushion and mechanical back support angle adjustment up to 30°
• Lap belt for positioning
• Removable side panel with soft arm support and double profile
• Swing-away leg supports
• Easy to service, low-maintenance AGM batteries
• Joystick control with the ability to operate two power functions

The Juvo can easily overcome obstacles such as curbs thanks to its large drive wheels. It also offers good transfer possibilities and maneuverability for the user. The wheelchair has a relatively small turning radius during the typical 90° turn and the ability to drive especially close to objects such as furniture or desks.
Incomparable driving characteristics for all fields of application. The single wheel suspension and torsion drive system form the basis for this intuitive drive type. Thanks to the direct pivot point, safe handling is possible even with more complex forms of input.
Furthermore, the rear-wheel drive offers numerous variations when it comes to speed and features, and the design also permits optimum force distribution on various surfaces. Thanks to its directional stability, the Juvo with rear-wheel
drive is ideally suited for outdoor use and for users with little experience.

Download attached Brochure for technical details.


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