Mambo Max Yoga Set

Mambo Max Yoga Set


Ensures comfort for people of all shapes and sizes.
Provide support to each pose in your practice, from side angle or seated pose to forward bend and beyond. Perfect for yoga, Pilates, daily exercise, or physical therapy, great for overall balance and flexibility.
convenient storage and carry.

Mens sana in corpore sano, a healthy mind in a healthy body, who does not want that? Start yoga today with our complete Mambo Max Yoga Set and experience the many benefits. Strengthen your body, improve body postures and focus on your breathing simultaneously to reduce stress. In addition, yoga improves flexibility, endurance and blood flow.

  • 1 pvc yoga mat (173 x 61 x 0,4 cm),
  • 2 EVA foam yoga blocks (7,5 x 15 x 23 cm)
  • 1 yoga strap with buckle (180 x 3,8 cm)


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