Hand & Squeeze Dynamometer

Hand & Squeeze Dynamometer


Hand Dynamometer

  • The Smedley spring-type Dynamometer has been successfully used for many years to measure grip strength. Both are very accurate and easy to use.
  • The ergonomic handle is adjustable to fit all hand sizes.
  • Unit is calibrated in kilograms and pounds.
  • Stored in a soft carrying case.

Squeeze Dynamometer

  • The Squeeze (bulb) Dynamometer is the inexpensive way to reliably
    measure hand and finger strength.
  • The dynamometer has an indicator dial that remains at the maximum reading until reset.
  • Unit is calibrated in pounds and kilograms.


  • Measure strength of back, leg and chest. Base provides secure footing.
    Chain length is adjustable to accommodate for height differences or to
    vary the point of force application. Shows pounds and kilograms. Pointer
    remains at maximum until reset. Comes fully assembled with 1,5m chain.
    Range: 0 – 300kg (660lb)


A simple, easy-to-use, ergonomically designed instrument that objectively measures push, pull and lift forces for manual muscle testing, functional capacity evaluation and job task evaluation at a remarkably affordable price. Because the instrument is lightweight, small and portable, you can perform precise, objective evaluations in your office or at the patient’s location. The easy-to-attach dual grip handle can be used when measuring larger forces. Lift platform and chain to perform lifting evaluation not included.

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