Sissel Securemax Exercise Ball

Sissel Securemax Exercise Ball


Ideal for total body conditioning and therapy!
• noticeably relieves spine and strengthens back musculature
• encourages correct sitting
• a proven medical device in physio therapy
• use to sit on at home or school
• including exercise poster and plug lifter
• surface has a pleasant, friendly to the touch structure,
extremely resistant to abrasion
• contains CITROFOL® BII, a PVC softener based on renewable resources
• pressure resistant of up to 500 kg
• for a user weight of up to 150 kg
• available in 4 diameters and 4 colors

For your safety, if punctured the ball will not burst explosively but will loose air gradually. Which size is right for me:

  • measure the length of your arm from shoulder to wrist
  • this measurement roughly corresponds to the required minimum diameter
  • always choose the ball slightly larger in diameter

• sizes: Ø approx. 45 cm, 55 cm, 65 cm or 75 cm


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