Squiggles Stander

Squiggles Stander


• Fun, bright pads
• Squiggles 3-in-1 Stander fits effortlessly into nursery and school settings
• The age-appropriate design
• Helping encourage home therapy
• Being low to the ground
• Makes socializing and interacting with others at eye level easier.
• Squiggles helps children engage with their world from a different perspective and enjoy new experiences

The incredibly versatile and compact 3-in-1 Squiggles Stander looks
great without compromising on function. From joining in at the
whiteboard in school, creating arts and crafts masterpieces, playing
catch with siblings or singing in the choir with friends, Squiggles
Stander gives children the support and independence they need to be
able to join in, have fun and take in a whole new view of the world.

Age (approx.) 1-5 Max User Weight 22kg / 48.4lbs User Height Min 730mm / 28.7” Max 1100mm / 43.3” Chest Support Angle adjustment +/- 30° Depth adjustment 50mm / 2” Chest Support Height (footplate to armpit) Min 550mm / 21.5” Max 820mm / 32” Chest Width (distance between laterals) Min 160mm / 6.3” Max 230mm / 9” Hip Support (height from footplate to mid buttocks) Min 300mm / 11.8” Max 530mm / 20.8” Hip Width (distance between hip guides) Min 160mm / 6.3” Max 230mm / 9”


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