• Traction on the Move
  • Drug Free Pain Relief
  • Compact, Customizable, Cost-effective
  • Use at home or in clinic
  • 15-30 minutes treatment sessions
  • Complete Freedom of Movement
  • Vertical, Horizontal and Asymmetrical

Vertetrac outperforms traditional traction devices by combining vertical, horizontal, symmetrical and asymmetrical traction that enables simultaneous 3D decompression from every dimension. This lightweight and mobile device treats the cause of the pain, not just its symptoms. During treatment with Vertetrac, your patients enjoy complete freedom of movement as you provide superior results in less time and at a fraction of the cost.

Includes upper frame, lower frame, traction release levers, belt, belt clips, four comfort pads, and travel bag
Includes horizontal pressure screws, horizontal pressure pads, horizontal screw release buttons, ratchet, ratchet handle, traction rod, and traction lever
Compliant with USA FDA, European Conformity (CE), and Standards Institution of Israel (SII)
Returns Allowed Yes
Returnable ReStocking Fee 20%


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