The body‘s center of gravity is top priority
Precise adjustment of the front wheels
Foldable and angle-adjustable – the Zenit‘s back
Aesthetic design: materials and colors
Foot support with patented fixation

Your time is precious so you make a point of accurately organizing your activities. Arriving at whatever destination for you means to be ready to move on without much effort. That‘s why we‘ve reduced the steps it takes to unfold your Zenit to a minimum. All it takes is a quick tap and you can get in and go. Your next appointment is due before you even know it? We have considered that as well when making the Zenit to fold into a very small packing size for easy transportation

Seat width 320 – 460 mm Seat depth 360 – 500 mm Front seat height 380 – 540 mm Back seat height 370 – 500 mm Back height 250 – 500 mm Lower leg length 280 – 510 mm Overall width 495 – 710 mm Overall length 640 – 1.040 mm Transport weight Frame Rear wheels 6.5 kg 1.25 kg


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