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Active Wheel Chair

Avantgarde DS

Besides its low weight, the DS model with fixed leg support stands out for its extremely small folding size of 27 centimeters. At the same time, it offers a high level of stability for active users. Thanks to its compact design and the integrated leg support the Avantgarde DS features the lowest net weight within the Avantgarde series.

Avantgarde CLT Package

For users who find that lightweight still isn‘t light enough, the additional option of a CLT package offers an ultralight version of the Avantgarde wheelchair for active use. More weight is saved here thanks to the simple CLT crossbrace, permanently welded components like the drive adapter and push handles, lighter seat and back upholstery as well as carbon side panels and Infinity Ultralight rims. At just 8.7 kilogrammes, we‘re confident this dream version of the Avantgarde will excel in any everyday challenge.

Avantgarde DV

The new Avantgarde DV impresses with its light weight, but this doesn‘t mean it‘s lost any of its proven advantages. Users like the new DV‘s height-adjustable armrest, but also the option of driving up close to objects such as furniture, the barbeque or bath. The leg supports can be folded in for this purpose. It is also suitable for stroke patients when the leg supports are removed, which is done with a new type of lever.