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Hydro Therapy

RP 002 Rehabilitation Pool

Indications: Orthopedic patients, Elderly, Acquagym Activity

• Extremely safe for both patients and therapists with no sharp edges
• Custom made product to fit specific needs
• Modularity and transferability
• Possibility to implement and add accessories and components
• Above-ground construction: therapists working at eye level with patients
• Different water levels to treat different kind of patients at the same time
• Very easy to maintain

• Double Terylene reinforced PVC lining (floor and sides) – waterproof protection
• AISI 316 Stainless steel perimeter handrail
• Water treatment system composed by 22 cu.m/h filter, filtration pump 0.75 kW threephase, skimmers, H20 pressure reducer, automatic H20 control level and general control panel
• Heat exchanger mod. 25 with with control unit
• Integrated pH and Chlorine control system substation with sensors, cells, electrode and regulator
• Patients observation window 280cm.
• 2 underwater lights 0.3 kW single-phase
• 3 hooks for exercise/training rubber bands
• Professional upstream swimming/walking system with underwater massage hose, 2.6 kW three-phase
• Hydrojet/Whirlpool with 2 jets 1.5 kW three phase

• Height adjustable stainless steel seat with holders
• Stainless steel wall bars (single or double span)
• Battery-operated flush-mounted patient lifter/ hoist
• Bench with air jets 2x60cm
• Hydrojet/Whirlpool with 4 or 6 jets 1.5 kW three-phase
• Stainless steel access stair with anatomic handrails
• Waterfall shower
• Swan neck shower
• Complete training course on water therapy (6 days theory + practical sessions)

Four-Cell Bath

Electrotherapeutic treatments in the water produce beneficial effects on various systems (nervous, circulatory) of the human body. The Four-Cell Bath allows treatment to be concentrated on a specific area of the body (lower or upper limb, one side of the body). According to the indications, the therapist can set the polarity of the electrode located in each cell and choose between galvanic, diadynamic and faradic current. All parameters are entered via a user-friendly electronic panel. Alternating treatments use water to induce thermal stimuli on the limbs submerged in upper and lower cells with the purpose of stimulating reactions In the circulatory system. The duration of the stimulation, the water temperature and the number of cycles of cold/warm water can be set by therapist.

Alternating Shower

T-Aalter • T-Alter/P

The alternating shower is one of the most popular hydrotherapy devices designed to apply water to the patient’s body. The device combines water temperature and pressure to achieve optimum therapeutic effect. The water is delivered via massage hoses and the temperature can be varied either rapidly or gradually according to the specific indications. The massage hoses can be equipped with different nozzles to induce specific physiologic reactions. The water temperature is controlled by a thermostatic valve, while the pressure is adjusted separately for each hose by a pressure valve. The treatment consists of water jets applied to the patient’s body from a given distance.