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Power Wheel Chair


Electric folding wheelchair with reclining and folding backrest.

-ery stable modern frame- Foldable Frame (After removing the battery)
Removable Height Adjustable Armrest
Swing Away Height adjustable foot rest
– 12.5” rear wheels (polyurethane foam inserts in pneumatics).
– Metallic red frame, Black upholsteries
Adjustable Seat width – 42-52cm
Seat depth 42cm
Seat height – 55cm
Max speed capacity – 6 Km/hr
Max load capacity 115 Kg
Weight of chair – 75 Kg

Skippi – Pediatric Power Wheelchair from Ottobock

The power wheelchair is narrow, fast, and maneuverable. Children can easily explore every corner of even narrow rooms – they are more mobile and independent. In this way, Skippi supports your child’;s urge to move and explore. Skippi’s colorful design is also appealing.

* 32 Ah gel batteries
* enAble®40 control unit with the ability to operate 2 electric options
* Adjustable aluminium footplate Options
* Seat tilt mechanism, electric or with gas compression spring
* Electric back angle adjustment
* Electric seat height adjustment
* Seat shell adapter
* Tray
* Attendant control
* Bumper bar
* Single-panel footrest with aluminium footplate Lighting

* Seat width 30 – 38 cm
* Seat depth 28 – 38 cm
* Seat height ( without cushion — 43 cm)
* Lower leg length 15 –38 cm
* Armrest height 16 –27 cm
* Back angle -9° to +30°
* Seat tilt 20° mechanical/electric
* Speed 6 km/h
* Range max. 30 km
* Charging time max. 12 h
* Net weight 68 kg
* Max. user weight 50 kg (110 lbs)


With NAXOS AA2, associate compact size, adaptability, and flexibility for indoors use, to strength, responsiveness, and autonomy necessary for outdoors use

Solid aluminium structure
Maximum user weight 135 kg
Adjustable rear end damper
Maximum speed 8 km/h
2 x 450-W motors
About 40 km autonomy
45 Amp/h batteries
89 cm turning radius èDistance between the adjustable arm-rests from 42 to 50 cm
Adjustable seat depth on 5 cm
Tension-adjustable comfort backrest
Storage bag behind the backrest


The A200 is the ideal wheelchair for indoors. Thanks to its small overall width and compact design, it fits easily through narrow doors and corridors and is easy to manoeuvre. Its modular structure makes it easy to transport, for example between the place of work and home. The A200 is quick to disassemble, fits in almost any passenger car and therefore offers significantly more freedom and independence for the user. Various adjustment possibilities, such as the back angle adjustment or seat tilt, allow the A200 to be customized to individual needs. All components are designed for easy access, making service particularly straightforward for the specialist dealer.

C-1000 DS

  • Operate your wheelchair precisely with the enAble50 control unit. The menus feature intuitive symbols
  • Electric seat tilt up to 45° with centre of gravity shifting allows you to assume a comfortable, physiologically correct sitting position, thereby making the most convenient daily routine possible both in and out of the home.
  • Power seat height adjustment up to 400 mm compensates for height differences and enables communication at eye level. At home this makes it easier to reach shelves and worktops.
  • LED rear lights integrated in the frame comply with road traffic regulations, constituting another safety feature in order to be recognised in traffic.
Technical data
Speeds 6 or 10 km/h Turning radius 925 mm
Range under test conditions Approx. 35 km Seat width 380–560 mm
Control unit enAble50 (130 A) Seat depth 380–500 mm (standard seat), 360–480 mm (contour seat), 380–560 mm (Recaro seat)
Max. user weight 140 kg, optionally 200 kg Back angle -9 to +30°
Obstacle height the wheelchair is able to overcome (optimal) 100 mm Seat tilt 30° or 45°, electric
Climbing ability 17 % Back height 450/500/550 mm
Length including footplates 1200 mm Armrest height 225–350 mm
Width 650 mm Lower leg length 250–540 mm (standard seat), 280–540 mm (contour seat), 280–540 mm (Recaro seat)
Weight when empty 129 kg Overall length 1200 mm

C-1000 SF

  • Stand-up function : Movements from almost any sitting or semi-recumbent position into the important extension of the entire body are enabled comfortably and quickly.
  • Travelling while standing : The benefits of standing are diverse; in combination with mobility, new prospects are opened up. Uneven terrain can also be travelled on safely without large supporting rollers.
  • The adaptable, biomechanical backrest reduces shear movements while the pads and belts remain where they are supposed to be.
  • For a smooth transfer: electrically angle and length-adjustable legrests are a valuable addition and part of the combi-function.
  • Power seat tilt up to 15° with centre of gravity shifting enables a comfortable, physiologically correct sitting position.
  • With its weight-dependent full suspension, the C1000 SF offers a comfortable driving experience for everyday outdoor trips.
  • The innovative dual servo (DS) steering reacts directly and turns the chair in the smallest space.
  • Correct positioning when sitting and standing is very important for selecting the input method.
  • Our flexible, multi-piece pad systems offer support where needed.