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Seating/Postural Support System

Ottobock Seating system (OBSS)

The shape system combines the contemporary vacuum impression process with the latest digitization technology. The vacuum impression process allows special seating shell fitting requirements to be met through functional stimulation without being pressed for time. Data collection using Shape Digitizer allows a digital model of the seating solution to be prepared quickly and inexpensively.


The Everyday Activity Seat is available in 3 sizes, 4 chassis types, 2 chassis colours, 2 fabric types and 5 colours options. A range of accessories are available which allows the therapist to exactly match the client’s postural needs.
Technical Overview
Size 1: Approx. 1-6 years old
Size 2: Approx. 5-12 years old
Size 3: Approx. 11-18 years old
Complexity: Moderate

Key Product Dimensions

Seat Depth Seat Width Backrest Height
Size 1 150-280mm 160-280mm 300-400mm
Size 2 230-380mm 260-380mm 400-520mm
Size 3 330-480mm 340-500mm 450-630mm
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Kimba Neo

Paediatric postural positioning system
With multi-function seating unit and mobility base with suspension
Outdoor mobility base
* Folding outdoor mobility base made of high-quality aluminium
* Rear axle suspension
* Push bar with ratchet joint, heightadjustable
* Folding storage bag
* EVA wheels with wheel lock
* Integrated anchor points for wheelchair accessible vehicles
Comprehensive range of options, e. g. sun/rain canopy and summer/winter slipsack

Size 1 (1 – 6 years)
Size 2 (4 – 10 years)
Seating unit
* Different setting options for seat width, seat depth, back height and lower leg length (continuously variable)
* Continuously adjustable seat tilt, back angle and knee angle
* Seat tilt continuously variable up to 35º
* Quick-release mechanism for seat removal/positioning of the seat facing forwards or backwards
* Flip-up footplate
* Lateral supports
* Adjustable hip supports
Outdoor mobility base, size 1 * Overall width 60 cm
* Wheel diameter
* Front/rear 17/28 cm
* Push handle 71 -116 cm
Multi-function seating unit, size 1
* Seat width 19 – 31 cm
* Seat depth 20 – 30 cm
* Lower leg length 19 – 31 cm
Outdoor mobility base, size 2
* Overall width 70 cm
* Wheel diameter
* Front/rear 17/28 cm
* Push handle 71 -116 cm
Multi-function seating unit, size 2
* Seat width 24 – 40 cm
* Seat depth 26 – 35 cm
* Lower leg length 20 – 37 cm


The Mygo Seating System allows therapists to optimise the postural care of children with moderate to complex special needs .

Product Features:
2 sizes
Removable machine washable covers
Four colour options
New Pelvic Cradle or Pelvic Harness
One piece seat base cushion
Seat depth adjustment
Height and angle adjustable backrest
Flexible sacral cushion
Contoured shoulder section
Lateral support options
Range of head supports
Range of harnesses
Height and angle adjustable armrests
Adjustable leg supports
Knee pads
Individually height and angle adjustable footplates
Activity tray
Allen key screws with anti-vibration washers
Tilt-in-space hi-low chassis
Mobility base interfaces and options


The new Mygo MAX has been designed to offer all of the features and benefits of the Mygo size 1 and
2 but with greater comfort, additional growth and more options to suit the larger teenager or young adult.

Features and Benefits

Contoured seat with 500mm seat width accommodates the large teen or young adult without appearing wide.
Larger femoral guides, 2 inches higher than standard, these will give additional support along the length of the leg and will provide better control of abduction.


The Squiggles Seating System provides postural support for younger children with special needs.

Suitable for use as a home chair, school chair or with a buggy base, Squiggles meets all the postural and comfort requirements of a seating system for young children with special needs while still maintaining a fun, colourful design.

Product features:
4 colour options
Removable machine washable covers
4 point pelvic harness with adjustable hip guides
30mm thick one piece seat base cushion
Height and angle adjustable backrest
Separate sacral cushion which can be contoured to required shape
Cushioned thoracic lateral supports
Contoured shoulder pad
Compatible with a range of head supports
Lateral padding at knees (optional)
Height and angle adjustable footplate and sandals
Range of harnesses
Activity tray and grab rail available
Choice of indoor bases with height adjustment and tilt in space
Compatible with buggy bases

Snappi Push Chair

Designed for the recreational look that complements today’s lifestyle. Easy to operate, push handle mounted tilt in facility offers between 0-40 ° of tilt in space. The seats has an independent backrest which reclines from 90-140°. An dynamic back is available to cater for children who require increased flexibility in their seat. With a high level of growth adjustment this really is the pushchair of today !

The Snappi Pushchair has been successfully impact tested for use in vehicles. Available in black with pink or red piping.

Push Chair – Lightning

Available in sizes 11 inch, 14 inch & 16 inch.
The Lightning is a lightweight, supportive, highly functional, adaptable pushchair, which comes complete with a wide range of accessories The back angle is adjustable with fixed positions at 85, 90 and 95 to enable appropriate positioning as desired. The independently fully adjustable, swing away, footrests provide multiple positions to ensure maximum comfort for the occupant.

Specifications LT11SE LT14SE LT16SE
Width 495mm(19.5″) 610mm(24″) 635mm(25″)
Length w/o Footrests 673mm(26.5″) 749mm(29.5″) 863mm(34″)
Height 914mm(36″) 914mm(36″) 914mm(36″)
Seat Width 279mm(11″) 356mm(14″) 419mm(16.5″)
Distance between Armrests 343mm(13 1/2″) 413mm(16.25″) 445mm(17.5″)
Seat Depth 254-305mm(10-12″) 305-356mm(12-14″) 407-458mm(16-18″)
Seat Angle 30º 30º 30º
Back Upholstery Height 489mm(19.25″) 610mm(24″) 635mm(25″)
Back Height & Headrest Ext. 640-760mm 770-870mm 800-940mm
Seat to Footrest (ext
range in 1″ increments)
25-305mm(2.5-12″) 25-432mm(2.5-17″) 25-432mm(2.5-17″)
Back Angle Settings 85,90 & 95º 85,90 & 95º 85,90 & 95º
Folded Dimensions W = 489mm(19.25″)
D = 489mm(19.25″)
H = 648mm(25.5″)
W = 610mm(24″)
D = 489mm(19.25″)
H = 699mm(27.5″)
W = 635mm(25″)
D = 489mm(19.25″)
H = 7118mm(28″)
Weight of Chair 10Kg(22Lbs) 11Kg(25Lbs) 12Kg(26Lbs)
Weight Capacity 34Kg(75Lbs) 45Kg(100Lbs) 68Kg(150Lbs)
Frame Colour Silver Silver Silver
Upholstery Colour Navy Blue Navy Blue Blue

Lars Car seat

• Tilting bracket for tilting the seat up to 25°
• Option: height- and angle-adjustable footrest
• Option: turn-and-push subframe for placing the
child in the seat
and removing them from the seat
more easily
Seating unit
• Available in two sizes
• Lateral supports
• Adjustable pelvic supports
• Quick-release mechanism for seat removal
• Tested according to ECE 44/04 “Special needs”,group 1, 2 and 3 for children  with a body weight of 9 to 36 kg (19.8 – 79.2 lbs)
• Seat depth and seat width adjustment
• Back height adjustment



The Easy Seat is a robust, stable and adjustable seat for children with mild to moderate special needs.

With its high level of adjustability and large range of accessories, the Easy Seat provides an attractive seating solution which meets the needs of the less involved child.

Product Features:
4 sizes
Wipe clean cushions
45° pelvic belt
Seat depth adjustment
Side width adjustment using side pads
Height and angle adjustable backrest
Height adjustable fixed or castor legs
High back available
Range of thoracic laterals
Height adjustable armrests
Optional pommel
Height adjustable footplate and sandals
Activity tray, grab rail and grab post accessories
Can be converted to potty trainer
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