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JKR International

We help to bring new life to the people who are facing challenges of mobility. JKR provides high quality medical equipment, wheelchairs, Physio-Rehab products and healthcare services with expert guidance to our clients as they adapt to the rising cost of quality healthcare. We work to bring the right selection of Medical Rehabilitation Equipment including Postural Support and Seating system solutions from professional and well experienced specialists with greater quality, affordability, access and simplicity to the healthcare system.

The Values we Live by.

Our Mission

Joy. Knowledge. Responsibility. These are the first three core values of our Mission. Each of the initials spell out the foundation of us at JKR as a company. They are also the bedrock of our Mission Statement: “To be the Company of Choice that provides quality medical devices, designed to enable, enhance and enrich the lives of our people. Centered around their well-being while empowering them to lead an independent and fulfilling life.”

Our Vision

“To source and offer the most advanced medical devices to our customers in the region by associating with leading manufacturers and suppliers globally. We aim to use our passion and knowledge in offering our services to our consumers through an engaged and empowered team of professionals.” To this end, our core Vision Values covers:Trust,Empowerment,Team work

Here we are

Enable, Enhance & Enrich the lives of the people.

At JKR International, We focus on delivering quality products and services regularly through our association with the leading suppliers of rehabilitation products. Our medical rehabilitation equipment are sourced from globally aligned supply chain of trusted specialists who provide greater quality, affordability and easier access to the healthcare system, ensuring the people we serve, get the best care.

Over the last 16 years, Our Company has grown to be a reliable name in the region by providing people with high quality medical equipment and empowering them by restoring faith in their abilities to lead better lives. Our innovatively designed wheelchairs, physio-rehab products and healthcare services aren’t just about enhanced mobility; it’s about driving people forward. We believe that we don’t move people but we put people on the move.

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Meet our Team

Rakhi Sunil

General Manager

Sunil Kumar

Commercial Director

Mohamed Hassan Almarzooqi

Chairman & Partner

Niranjan Shetty

Business Development Manager

Prince Oommen

Finance Manager