Balance Fit Pad

Balance Fit Pad



  • train and improve
    • co-ordination
    • proprioception
    • stability
    • reactions
  • durable surface
    • anti-slip coating for increased safety
    • hygienic
    • used inside/outside
    • used in hydro-pools
  • can be used in conjunction with other Sissel exercise equipment, ie Sports Swing
  • latex and phthalate free

The Sissel Balancefit Pad is a foam balance pad for use in balance training. It’s designed to train and improve co-ordination, proprioception, stability and reactions. It features a durable antislip surface and can be used inside, outside or in water.  Included with the Balancefit Pad in a useful exercise chart.

Technical Information

  • size:
    • 50 x 41 x 6cm
    • 95 x 41 x 6cm


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