DOLSAN Bariatric Bed

DOLSAN Bariatric Bed


  • Electrically operated backrest and knee break adjustments
  • Mattress platform with integrated pull-out bed
  • Equipped with I.V. pole
  • Height adjustment for a safe lifting
  • Trendelenburg and reverse-Trendelenburg
  • Width-adjustable bed ends
  • Folding side rails
  • Centralized braking system with directional wheel
  • Wide Sleeping Surface

The DOLSAN Bariatric Bed is a specialized bed designed to provide comfort, safety, and enhanced functionality for individuals with bariatric needs. This bed is specifically engineered to support individuals with higher weight capacities, typically exceeding the standard weight limits of regular beds.

Technical Information

  • 150 mm Central Braking Casters
  • Aluminum Side rails
  • Leg rest Motor
  • Hand Remote Control
  • 4 Parted Compact Bed Platform
  • 4 motor
  • User Weight Capacity : 320 KG


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