E-Throne Folding Wheelchair

E-Throne Folding Wheelchair


  • Foldable magnetic bracket for attendant control
  • Rear foldable basket
  • Cup holder 66C
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Side bag
  • Front magnetic bracket for user control
  • Flashlight
  • Crutch holder
  • Foot rest Height Adjustable Kit

Whether you’re at home, out shopping, traveling in a camper van, or enjoying a well-deserved holiday, the e-Throne 10 is your faithful companion, offering you enhanced mobility wherever life takes you. With its one-of-a-kind folding mechanism, this innovative device is designed to be by your side, providing the freedom to move with ease and convenience. Take advantage of our exclusive spring promotion to experience the true meaning of enhanced mobility! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to embrace a more active and independent lifestyle.

Technical Information

Parameter e-throne 8”10” e-Throne 12”
Device Weight:(with battery): 29kg(24V10AH battery ); 30.7kg(24V15AH battery) 31kg(24V10AH battery ); 32.7kg(24V15AH battery)
Device Weight(without battery): 26 kg 28 kg
Folded Dimensions:(L x W H): 80cm*65cm*35cm 80cm*68cm*35cm
Unfolded Dimensions: 100cm*65cm*95cm 100cm*68cm*96cm
Packing Dimensions: 72cm*40cm*90cm 72cm*40cm*90cm
Seat Dimensions:(L x W): 42cm*45cm 42cm*45cm
Seat Height: (from ground): 50cm 52cm
Arm Rest Height:(from ground): 68cm 70cm
Turning Radius: 120cm 120cm
Ground Clearance: 10cm 10cm
Front Wheels:(Diameter x Width): 6??*5cm 8??*5cm
Rear Wheels:(Diameter x Width): 8??*5cm 12??*6.5cm
Wheelbase: 45cm 48cm
Tread: 60cm 65cm
Tyre Type: PU filled tire PU filled tire
Wheel Material: Rubber Rubber
Pedal(L*W): 32cm*13cm 32cm*13cm


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