• Head Halter
  • Spread Bar
  • Thoracic Traction Belt
  • Counter Traction Straps (Pair)
  • Lumber Traction Belt
  • Cord Extension
  • Flexion Stool

u ET800 is the result of thousands of feedbacks from tens of thousands of physiotherapists over the past decade . The Retro look of Traç Pod® is also one of the many features that physiotherapists requested to retain for good . Instead of a touch screen LCD panel and working thru complicated windows behind windows , physiotherapists recommended the easy – to – adjust ” HOLD ” and ” REST ” knobs as they have been proven to be one of the fastest and effective way adjustment of traction force during treatment . The ” HOLD ” and ” REST ” TIME can be adjusted in real – time as well as the FORCE . Once set , press START and the new setting will take effect in the next coming cycle . The unit is equipped with a ” Patient Switch ” for Fall Control of an Emergency Situation , all at the hands of a patient .


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