ID Soft Evolution + Spex Seating

ID Soft Evolution + Spex Seating


  • Spex positioning cushion base
  • Pelvic obliquity build-up
  • Create instant shape
  • Spex contouring system
  • Asymmetrical contouring
  • Long wings headrest
  • Standard shelf
  • Viscoelastic foam seat cushion
  • Trunk support and abduction wedge
  • Swiveling cradled armrest
  • Anti tip castors

Spex Seating System specializes in helping children and adults who have significant disabilities and medical conditions, providing with greater comfort and support where needed through a customized support surface that shapes to body shape.

IDS oft Evolution is a perfectly adjustable comfort chair. ID Soft contains a wide variety of adjustable components, and enables full-scale adaptation possibilities. The multi-adjustable wheelchair is designed to adapt to all user needs. The wheelchair can be tilted and turned at the same time, helping the user maintain the best position, as well as helping the distribution of weight in risk areas. The angle of the backrest and the seat can be adjusted steplessly and quickly using the push handle.


Technical Information

  • Continuous adjustment: On T 39 frame u from 39 to 44 cm On T 44 frame u from 44 to 49 cm On T 49 frame u from 49 to 54 cm.
  • Long and curved armrest, height adjustable on 70 mm.
  • Whole detachable armrest through a push-button
  • Continuous depth-adjustable seat, through sliding, on 90 mm (42 to 51 cm).
  • Seat reclining from 2” (Trendelenburg) to +20” with large rear wheels, and from 2” to +25” with small rear wheels.
  • Height adjustable backrest (on 10 cm).
  • Reclining backrest from 90” (vertically) to 120”


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