Mediven Forte

Mediven Forte


This stocking keeps chronic indications in check.
After all, it is all about ensuring that customers with
significant vein issues actively participate in life
while accepting as few compromises as possible.
The mediven forte delivers maximum pressure
stability throughout the day. Its strong material
achieves the required depth effect. The stocking is
also very hard-wearing and durable.
mediven forte. Pleasant compression has never been
so powerful.

Technical Information

Standard Size I – VII, Length regular and petite, topband regular and wide Made-to-measure available Special model available, see pages 56 – 73 Border AD Tricot border, narrow silicone dot topband AF and AG Tricot border, Silicone dot topband, Silicone dot topband motif, Pl silicone topband rose, Silicone micro dot topband sensitive All topbands are standard styles Gusset AT Sizes I – III groin gusset Sizes IV – VII narrow gusset at the back up to the waist, AT / U with closed panty top AT / H opening horizontal Foot part open toe, closed toe


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