Premium Microscope Chair

Premium Microscope Chair


  • The new Premium Microscope Chairs are available with either a standard seat or saddle seat design.
  • Both models feature adjustable armrests for optimum comfort and positioning when working with a microscope or similar equipment.
  • Height and angle adjustable backrests and seat tilt.
  • Model 1022, the standard seat chair, comes with armrests that can be moved forwards or backwards
  • Height adjustable and the armrest pads can be rotated and locked in any position.
  • By contrast, the saddle seat chair (model 1024) features both height and width adjustable armrests with three positional settings.

Model 1022 Premium Microscope Chair - Standard Height Range 45-59cm Model 1023 Premium Microscope Chair - High Version (not shown) - Height Range 54 - 74cm


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