R3xm Recumbent Cycle

R3xm Recumbent Cycle


Our R3xm Recumbent Cycle is specially designed to meet Med CE IIa
certification standards, making it possible to incorporate low-impact cardio
with a controlled range of motion early in your clients? continuum of care.
A step-through design offers easy entry and exit, and almost everything
about this cycle can be adjusted to fit your clients’ unique needs. Pedal
cranks are independently height-adjustable, making it possible to minimize
the movement of the knee or hip with limited range of motion. Seat position
can be adjusted with one hand, and the seat swivels from full right to
full left to assist with ingress and egress. Both pedals and handles are
thoughtfully designed for comfort and stability, and the easy-to-navigate
console streamlines feedback to show you exactly what you need to see
to help your clients down the road to wellness

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