Sensory Room Installations

Sensory Room Installations


Range of Sensory Room Installation:

  • Double Bubble Bonanza
  • Theragym Seesaw Glider & Swing
  • Body Roller
  • Bubble Swing
  • Adjustable Scooter Board
  • Scooter ramp
  • Chatsworth Settee 2 seat
  • Micro Music System
  • Riverstone

Our sensory room installations offer a diverse selection of equipment designed to create a stimulating and therapeutic environment. The Double Bubble Bonanza and Bubble Swing provide visual and tactile sensory experiences, while the Theragym Seesaw Glider & Swing and Body Roller offer dynamic movement and proprioceptive input. The Adjustable Scooter Board and Scooter Ramp enhance motor skills and coordination. Comfort is ensured with the Chatsworth Settee 2 seat, and the Micro Music System adds an auditory dimension to the sensory room. The Riverstone contributes to creating a calming and grounding atmosphere, making this range ideal for various sensory needs and therapeutic activities.

Technical Information

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