Sissel Octocore

Sissel Octocore


The innovative 3D band for your multidimensional full-body workout.

  • activates and stimulates the myofascial chains of the body
  • enables 3D movements
  • Strengthening the deep muscles
  • facilitates stretching and muscle relaxation
  • Improve posture
  • numbered, integrated loops offer extensive training variations
  • Color: anthracite, yellow

The SISSEL® OCTOCORE effectively assists with its resistance and partially absorbs gravity.
It allows the relief of overactive structures, especially in the shoulder and neck area.
The resistance helps to initiate the movement from deep within and to build up the tensegrity tension.

Through the guided, supported movement sequences, fascia, muscles, tendons and ligaments regain their natural interaction and the body’s myofascial chains are activated and stimulated. Training with the OCTOCORE can thus restore and optimize the functionality and cooperation of the muscle chains.

This means that protective postures and evasive movements can also be effectively treated with the SISSEL® OCTOCORE.

Healthy, smooth movements as well as stability and flexibility are required and promoted in the entire musculoskeletal system and in all planes of movement.

Technical Information

Size 190x190cm
Material: 39% nylon, 35% polyester, 26% latex


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