Sit Ring – Novacare

Sit Ring – Novacare


  • Everyday sitting Support
  • For local pressure relief
  • Use when suffering from obstructed sitting especially after surgeries of the perineum, anal lesions, hemorrhoids or during or after pregnancy
  • Material: polyurethane foam, maintains its shape, hypo-allergic and flame-resistant
  • Comes with100% Cotton terry cover, machine-washable
  • Available in 2 variations: round or oval
  • Option: PU hygienic cover, waterproof

Relax and enjoy pleasant and pressure-free sitting anywhere with the Novacare Sit Ring, ideal for use after surgeries, those suffering from hemorrhoids or before and after pregnancy.

Made from polyurethane foam, to help this sitting ring maintain its shape, it is also hypo allergenic and flame resistant.  Included is a terry cotton cover to help protect the Sit Ring from everyday spills and stains.

Technical Information

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