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  • Turning a patient: for x-ray, surgical procedures, recovery, pressure care, change of dressing or cleaning.
  • Sitting a patient up in bed: for feeding or relief of chest pain etc.
  • Moving a patient on or off a bed, trolley or examination couch without painful sheering to the hips and shoulders.
Technical Information

LOCO-001X (122cm x 71cm) Standard LOCO-002X (145cm x 71cm) Long LOCO-003X (122cmx100cm) Wide LOCO-012 (72cm x 70cm) Compact LOCO-013 (195cm x 70cm) Maxi LOCO-067 (195cmx140cm) Maxi Plus LOCO-076 (60cm x 41cm) Mini LOCO-115 (200cm x 71cm) Extra Long


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