Snappi Push Chair

Snappi Push Chair


  • Highly adjustable in order to ensure both maximum growth and ideal seating position.
  • Height and angle adjustable push handles.
  • Adjustable knee angle. Height and angle adjustable.
  • Soft-touch, easy-to-operate, pin-lock brake.
  • Hub brake option also available. flip-up footrest.
  • Dynamic option available. Front and rear transit brackets, fitted as standard.
  • Crash-tested (forward facing position only) .
  • Swiveling front castors.
  • Front locking castors option available.

The Snappi is a highly adaptable, special needs pushchair designed to accommodate a wide variety of seating needs.

Particular care has been given to the aesthetics of the Snappi to prevent it from resembling the medical look of traditional, special needs buggies but rather maintain the modern, attractive appearance once thought to be reserved solely for high-street pushchairs. This attractive design is manufactured from high-grade aluminium which provides both strength and durability, yet is still lightweight, easy-to-fold and suitable for everyday use. Height adjustable push handles are fitted as standard to ensure the comfort and convenience of the attendant. The Snappi uses only the highest quality wheels and castors to ensure effortless manoeuvrability. Please note that a hub brake option is also available.

Seat Depth 140 - 310mm 195 - 310mm 280 - 390mm Seat Width 170 - 290mm 170 - 290mm 250 - 350mm Backrest Height 475 - 675mm 500 - 675mm 590 - 760mm Lower Leg Length 120 - 280mm 150 - 280mm 215 - 360mm Seat Back Recline 90 - 140° 90 - 140° 90 - 140° Seat Tilt in Space 0 - 40° 0 - 40° 0 - 45


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