Spinefitter by Sissel®

Spinefitter by Sissel®


  • Innovative training device with 28 interconnected balls
  • The small balls help to relieve tension through deep pressure
  • Improve joint mobility
  • Strengthens deep muscular tissue
  • Available in four colors: Anthrazit, Green, Blue, Purple Red
  • Incl. SPINEFITTER Carry Strap for comfortable transport on the back

Spinefitter is an innovative and cutting-edge exercise product designed to help individuals achieve balance, core strength, and overall fitness. Spinefitter aims to revolutionize traditional workout routines by focusing on spine exercises and core engagement to promote a healthier and more well-rounded approach to fitness.
Spinefitter is a game-changer in the fitness industry, offering an effective and convenient way to achieve better spine health, core strength, and overall well-being. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or looking to take your workouts to the next level, Spinefitter is your key to unlocking a healthier and more balanced you.

Technical Information

  • Size: 83 x 12 x 6 cm.
  • Material: 100% polyurethane.
  • Product weight: approx. 950 g.
  • Maximum user weight: 150 kg.


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