• Fascia, muscles and entire body regions can be efficiently addressed.
    Design your application as individually gentle and at the same time intensive as you wish.
    Deep, intensive pressure on both sides of the spine has a relaxing effect on the entire musculature
  • Joints are promoted in their mobility and blocked muscle zones are stimulated
  • Notice a loosening of the shoulder girdle already occurs on the SPINE FITTER by SISSEL in the rest position ® 
  • The multifunctional design of the SPINEFITTER enables you to do a holistic training that extends beyond the mentioned areas to applications to improve coordination, balance and muscular strengthening

Versatile training – mindful, easy and everywhere.
As an innovative further development of the popular SISSEL® SpineFit, the SPINEFITTER
by SISSEL® is based on the experience of physiotherapists, osteopaths and Pilates trainers. Numerous exercises from Pilates and Yoga can be combined with and supplemented by using the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL®. To extend your training experience, multiple online exercise videos are available free of charge. The pleasant material – the device is made of PU integral foam – makes it light and flexible, and can be used in almost any place or surrounding. It is available in the colors green, blue, red and anthrazit with a carrying strap. For a diverse, holistic training adapted to the individual body feeling. The SPINEFITTER by SISSEL® Linum heat pad, made of cotton and filled with linseed, also provides an especially relaxing effect. To warm up the muscles or simply to come to rest.

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