Our Services – Mobility


We make your ride extra special. This is your ride and you make a statement with it. We help you to customize and personalize according to you so you can show the world how amazing you are and how cool is your ride. We will make everyday a little more joyous by keeping you on the move.

Our comprehensive variety of mobility devices, such as Standard and Electric Wheelchairs, Walking Aids and Rollaters can help you regain more mobility and improve your quality of life, depending on your preferences and budget. We are committed to provide a wide selection of modern, creative and customized mobility products to help our clients with particular physical needs so they live more mobilized lives.


Customized wheelchairs and Prosthetics

Everyone is recognized and respected at JKR International. Our purpose is to enable disabled children and adults to live happy, productive and more mobilized lives. The people we help, as well as their families, are at the heart of everything we do. Decisions are made based on their wants and requirements.  We assemble the highest quality materials for the parts of the Wheelchairs and Prosthetics and make the ideal final products for them, whatever they require.


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