A200 Power Wheelchair

A200 Power Wheelchair


  • Modular construction combined with direct drive for easy setup and service
  • Compact design, easily navigates through indoor environment
  • Tool-less adjustments, easily adapted to driver
  • Integrated tie-down points for increased transportation options

Introducing the A200 Power Wheelchair – a groundbreaking mobility solution designed to enhance independence and revolutionize the way we navigate the world. This sleek and versatile power wheelchair combines advanced technology with user-centric features to provide unparalleled comfort, freedom, and functionality.

Equipped with a powerful motor and precise maneuvering capabilities, the A200 effortlessly conquers various terrains, from busy city streets to rugged outdoor environments. Its compact design ensures easy maneuverability in tight spaces, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Technical Information

  • Total length with Leg rests 39”
  • Seat height (seat set at 0) 17” or 19”
  • Seat width 15”  21”
  • Seat depth 15”  18”
  • Seat inclination 0’/3’/6′(adjustable without tools)
  • Armrest height 9′ – 14”
  • Back angle (adjustable) -9’/1’/11”/21”
  • Lower leg length 10” – 17”


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