Modular Seating System

Modular Seating System


  • Fully adjustable ball joint headrest, shaped and padded for increased comfort
  • Contoured backrest
  • Full length angle adjustable hip guides
  • Ramped seat cushion
  • Fully adjustable pommel and knee blocks available
  • Wide range of footrest options available
  • 3 Dimensionally adjustable hinged thoracic support (swing-a-way optional)
  • Height adjustable sacral pad
  • Padded pelvic strap
  • Upholstery, easily cleanable and padded for comfort
  • Selection of heel & toe straps







The system currently offers one of the widest ranges of growth adjustments presently available in today’s market. The Backrest adjustment offers up to 50mm of growth and the seat depth adjustment offers up to 75mm of growth. As standard the supplied footrest accommodates a knee to foot dimension of between 160mm to 500mm. The unique full length independently adjusted hip guides ensure correct positioning of the pelvis and hips at all times. The fully adjustable lateral supports offers height, width and depth adjustment thereby offering full trunk support. The optional Swing Away Thoracic Upgrade bracket makes it easy for clients to be transferred in and out of the seating system. As standard a multi positional ball joint headrest is supplied. The headrest can be adjusted laterally (side to side), horizontally (forward & back), vertically (up & down) and it can be rotated to suit almost any requirment. The headrest offers the following range of adjustments. Lateral: from Centre 25mm either side, Horizontal: forward 120mm, Backwards 50mm, Height Adjustment – Up to 190mm.

Technical Information

  • Standard Sizes: Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
  • Outside Thigh Length 250 – 325 315 – 390 420 – 495
  • Hip Width 190 – 330 230 – 390 280 – 440
  • Seat To Top of Shoulder 350 – 425 410 – 485 490 – 565
  • Trunk Width 160 – 290 180 – 305 230 – 320


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