Oncology Chair

Oncology Chair


  • Developed specifically for Oncology, this dual column chair features vertical lifting to minimize space requirements and provides all the benefits of a mobile transport chair or patient trolley, with all electric profiling in both modes.
  • The chair has a safe working load of 250kgs and additional clinical benefits such as electric CPR, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg tilt, battery back-up and auto-return to chair set-up position.
Technical Information

Dual Column Lift Vertical lifting to minimize space Electric Operation Controls height, tilt, backrest/footrest angles, CPR and auto-return Safe Working Load 250kgs (550lbs or 39 stone) Height Range 52cm to 102cm (20” to 40”) approx. Backrest Angle Horizontal to +85 degrees Foot Section Angle Electric operation from +5 degrees to -85 degrees Trendelenburg Tilt Electric operation from 0 to -20 degrees


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