JKR strives to develop the sense of confidence and wellbeing in day today life of our valued customers by creating personalized Prosthetics for them. The designs we create help them function more efficiently and to overcome their specified disability. Requirements of our patients are met in the most qualified way to end every kind of discomfort in the most cost effective way.

JKR International has a great deal of experience with simple as well as complicated situations of upper limb prosthetics and lower limb prosthetics. We excel in customizing prosthetics for Wrist Disarticulation, transradial amputation, Bi-lateral amputees, Transtibial amputation, Ankle Disarticulation, Knee Disarticulation and Partial Foot. We provide a wide range of services that can help clients in setting and achieving their personal goals, as well as restoring their faith in healthy and active lifestyle.


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