Protect Epi Elbow Support

Protect Epi Elbow Support


  • Breathable, elastic and light material, and anatomically-shaped knit
  • Anatomically-shaped silicon pads for effective pressure relief and stabilization
  • Removable strap for individual pressure regulation

The perfect stabilizing compression elbow sleeve. protect.epi elbow support effectively relieves joint effusion, swelling, and irritation of elbow tendons. Padding on forearm acts as a stabilizer to support mild cases of joint instability. Live the life you deserve without the burden of elbow pain and discomfort. Protect. Epi elbow support is the ideal solution for active elbow support and relief.

Protect.Epi ist suitable for all indications in which soft tissue compression with profile pads at the elbow is necessary, such as:

  • Epicondylitis (e.g. tennis or golfer`s elbow)
  • Osteoarthritis and arthritis

The support relieves pain and dissipates swelling (oedema, haematoma) via integrated 3D silicon pads (massage effect). It enables
stabilisation and relief on the joint elicited via compressive knitted fabric and supplementary strap. The compressive knitted fabric can improve proprioception. The improvement in proprioception supports the body’s own guidance and stabilizes the joint.

Technical Information

size Measure II III IV V
circumference lower arm (cm) aB 20 – 23 23 – 27 27 – 30 30 – 32
article number K.630.822 K.630.823 K.630.824 K.630.825


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